The curriculum that is implemented at Raising Hope is a combination of The Creative Curriculum® through Teaching Strategies and the Delaware Early Learning Foundations (DELF) created by the Department of Education. These two curriculums allow our staff to provide diverse and challenging, yet appropriate activities in order to enhance your child’s development.

The Creative Curriculum® is based off of the latest child development theory and research in the early childhood field. Since this is based off of research, it is evolving with new discoveries. It provides vocabulary rich dialogue between a child and the teacher, leading to positive interactions. Along with positive interactions the curriculum provides various opportunities to explore the natural world with in depth explanations for teachers. This system is broken down for infants, and toddlers & twos, and then preschool children.

The DELF standards were created by the Delaware Department of Education with Kindergarten readiness in mind. The purpose of the DELF standards are to ensure that developmentally appropriate activities are planned for children. The standards are easy to understand, making implementation an effective way to provide variety of activities that reach each developmental milestone. The program has standards for infants/toddlers (0-36 months) and preschoolers (3 years – 6 years). Each set of milestones are further broken down by developmental areas.