Not every childcare center is equal and you don’t always get what you pay for. What questions should you be asking to make the right informed decision? What should you be looking for?  Here are some things you should be looking for and asking in your hunt to find the right child care facility.


  • Are the facilities clean?
  • Is there enough space for my child to maneuver?
  • Do the facilities allow for both indoor and outdoor playtime opportunities?
  • Is there a fenced in playground?
  • Are the classrooms clutter free?
  • Does the facility come across as a welcoming environment?


  • Do I like the teachers and the director?
  • Do they have the proper licensing to work with my child?
  • Did they talk to my child during the tour?
  • Do they have an open door policy for parents to come in with the kids?
  • Is the staff friendly to guests, parents and each other?


  • Is the building secure?
  • Do they have the proper procedures in writing, in case of an emergency?
  • Do they have emergency exits?
  • Do they have proper first aid kits?
  • Is there anybody trained for minor incidents?
  • Are there cameras?
  • Locked doors at all times?
  • Who is allowed in the facility?
  • How often is the facility cleaned?


  • Is there updated work from the children displayed around the classroom?
  • Is there center events for parents and children to participate in?
  • Is there pictures of current children displayed?
  • Do they feed healthy snacks?
  • Is there any ties between the center and the community?
  • Is there a large turnover of children?
  • What’s included in the rates?