Gloribel Nevarez Marrero

(Infant Teacher)

Gloribel has been working with Raising Hope since November, 2018. She is married, has two sons, and is originally from Puerto Rico. She is currently our Infant teacher and loves working with babies. Her peaceful and caring personality makes our infant class a joy to be in. Gloribel loves everything about working with children, and enjoys being a part of their early years. She loves watching them grow and develop in their own unique and special ways.

Favorite food: Rice, beans, chicken, pizza, and chocolate

Favorite children’s book: Rhyme-Around

Favorite children’s song: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Fun fact: Gloribel listened to the “ABC” song to learn English. She was a Registered Nurse in Puerto Rico for 17 years and worked in the Emergency Room.

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